I’ve been on the road all week traveling back and forth from Pennsylvania visiting family and I thought, “this would make a great blog post!”

Being on the road for long periods of time can seem tedious. At some times all you have is the snacks that you brought along for the ride, which makes you want to constantly eat. Your body is mistaking boredom for hunger.

Some tips for surviving long car rides include;

  1. Do NOT pack junk food! We are more prone to sitting and eating a whole bag of potato chips because there are more in the bag! Substitute the bag of chips for some apples or carrots! Pack a cooler with fresh fruits and veggies to snack on while driving.
  2. Water Water Water! A lot of people tend to pack sugary drinks such as pop and juice to keep them awake during the drive. Healthy foods will do the same thing for you and they are not full of unnecessary sugar! Buy a case of bottled water before you leave (usually around 3-5 dollars at any grocery store) or bring a reusable water bottle! Most rest stops have water fountains!
  3. Remember the meal planning we talked about in the last post? Use the same tips for road trips! You may not have access to a microwave, but you can keep salads, fruits and veggies in a cooler!

Keep calm and travel on! With these healthy tips road trips will be a breeze! (And you wont be wasting money at fast food restaurants on the way!!!)