One of the hardest things about staying healthy is trying not to over-eat. Being a college student or working 40 hours a week makes this even more difficult. It is so easy to stop at a fast food restaurant or grab a candy bar or bag of chips out a vending machine, but what you don’t know is those foods you are eating will not keep you full for long and will then result in you eating more!

Meal planning is an easy way to have quick meals or snacks on the go that are healthy and affordable. Buying food in bulk is a lot cheaper than buying just a few items at once and you can use them for the whole week!

A common myth about meal planning is that it gets boring. However this may be true, switching the meals up will keep it interesting and you will not be eating the same thing every day. All you have to do is buy pre-made, frozen (or non frozen) food and put it in a container and bring it to work or school. When you are hungry, put it in the microwave or take it right out of the refrigerator and go!

Some of the most common things to put in these pre-made meals include chicken, salads, vegetables, fruit, nuts and other quick and healthy foods.

So there ya have it!  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a healthy meal on the go! As long as you have a microwave, you’re set! So go ahead! Make meals for next week! You’ll be surprised how good they can be!